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If you are an Independent Consultant and would like to connect with a Signature Agency, please use the Find a Signature Agency page to locate an agency that would be best for you. If you have other questions, please feel free to use this form to contact us. Thank you very much.
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About Signature

As a member-owned cooperative, Signature’s sole objective is to serve the needs of our members.   Founded in 1956, Signature Travel Network® collectively generates $7 Billion in annual sales with growth of over 500% over the past seven years.  This growth is reflective of the commitment to exclusively align with the most esteemed travel agencies and supplier partners, while simultaneously expanding our reach to more than 6,000 travel consultants in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.

Signature Travel Network® is dedicated to providing the best technology solutions and state-of-the-art marketing to promote your brand. With a robust suite of cruises, hotels and resorts, as well as land privileges second to none, Signature helps you build your sales and retain your clients. We welcome you to join our member-owned community, 60-years strong, with an exponential track record of sales growth, integrity and business acumen.

Signature’s headquarters is in Marina del Rey, California with a secondary office in New York City.